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Street Fashion Portrait Consent/CONCEPT/Contact card -- 거리 패션 초상화 동의서/컨셉/연락처 카드드)

Who I Am and What I Do - 저는 누구이며 무엇을 하나요?

This page is designed to illustrate 1) who I am and 2) what we are doing in relation to me taking your portrait here on the street today.
이 페이지는 1) 제가 누구이며 2) 제가 오늘 거리에서 당신의 사진을 찍음으로써 우리가 무엇을 하는지를 설명하기 위해 고안되었습니다.

SFW @ SETEC in October, 2007

SFW @ SETEC in October, 2007

First off, I am the longest-operating street fashion photographer/blogger in Korea. I began doing street photography in Seoul in August 2002 and switched to street fashion in late 2006 when I began Korea's first street fashion blog, before switching over to pure street fashion portraiture in late 2007, when I began covering street fashion at Seoul Fashion Week in SETEC as well as the Seoul Fashion Artists' Association (SFAA) shows around Seoul. At the time, I was the only consistently active street fashion portrait photographer around, Korean or otherwise, shooting randomly-chosen subjects in the streets. 

일단 저는 한국에서 가장 오랫동안 일해온 거래 패션 사진가이자 블로거입니다. 저는 2002년 8월부터 서울에서 street photography (거리 사진술) 을 해왔고, 2006년 말에 한국의 첫  패션 블로그를 시작하면서 street fashion (거리 패션)으로 업종을 바꾸었습니다. 그러다가 2007년 말에는SETEC에서 열리는 서울 패션 위크와 서울패션 아티스트 협의회 (SFAA)의 쇼를 보도하면서 순전한 street fashion portraiture (거리 패션 초상화법)으로 방향을 바꾸었습니다. (made into new sentence) 그 당시에는 국적을 막론하고 꾸준하고 활발하게, 거리에서 무작위하게 고른 대상을 찍는 거리 패션 (초상화) 사진작가는 저뿐이었습니다.

SFW @ SETEC in March 2009. 

SFW @ SETEC in March 2009. 

My name is Michael Hurt and I'm a photographer and professor living in Seoul, Korea. I received my doctorate from UC Berkeley's Department of Comparative Ethnic Studies and also started the first street fashion blog in South Korea in 2006. I am a professor at Yonsei University, where I   teach both Hallyu Marketing and Visual Sociology. I have been covering street fashion on the streets of Seoul since 2006 and street fashion people at Seoul Fashion week since 2007.

More information about me is available through a simple search on Google (in English) and the Korean search engine Naver (in Korean). I also write about and shoot Korean Street Fashion for the Huffington Post USA, and have done feature stories on Korean fashion for CNN Travel. I also wrote for featured articles on Naver Post in Korean, and my work has found exposure in places from the Donga Ilbo to Joongang Sunday.  My pictures can be followed on Instagram under the ID kuraeji, with Facebook ID: metropolitician

저는 마이클 허트라고하며 대한민국 서울에서 살고 있는 사진작가이자 교수입니다. UC Berkeley에서 비교인종학 박사학위를 땄으며, 2006년 한국 최초의 스트릿 패션 블로그를 개설하였습니다. 연세대학교 교수로 한류 마케팅과 시각 사회학을 가르칩니다. 저는 2006년부터 서울의 거리에서 스트릿 패션을 취재하였으며 2007년부터는 서울 패션 위크에서 스트릿 패피에도  집중하였습니다.

저에 대한 더 많은 정보는 구글(영어)이나 네이버(한국어)에서 찾으실 수 있습니다. 저는 미국의 Huffington Post를 위해 한국의 스트릿 패션에 대해 집필하거나 취재하며,  CNN Travel을 위해 한국의 패션에 대한 특집 기사들을 쓴 경험도 있습니다. 또한, 네이버 포스트에 한국어로 특집 기사를 쓴 적이 있으며  제 작품들은 동아일보나 중앙Sunday과 같은 곳에 노출이 됩니다. 저의 작품들은 인스타그램 (아이디:kuraeji) 이나 페이스북 (아이디: metropolitician)을 통해서 만나보실 수 있습니다. 

Textile Industry News (TINNews) , 2010. 

Textile Industry News (TINNews), 2010. 

CNNGo (CNN Travel) , 2010. 

CNNGo (CNN Travel), 2010. 

Glamour Germany,  2017. 

Glamour Germany, 2017. 

Joongang Sunday , 2016.

Joongang Sunday, 2016.

Please center this text in your phone and display this along with the whiteboard contact information plate for a picture:

사진을 위해 이 텍스트를 핸드폰 화면 중앙에 비치하신 후, 연락처가 적혀있는 화이트보드와 함께 들어올려주세요):

I consent to the taking of this photograph and its publication in various media. 

본인은 이 사진이 찍히는 것과 
이가 여러 매개체에 게재되는 것에 
동의하는 바입니다.


Announcing: Seoul Street Fashion Week's Spring 2017 Lookbook MVP

Of all my 150+ images shot this season, I have a favorite, an M.V.P.

In this, SSFW's inaugural lookbook season, our Most Venerable Paepi award goes to SHIN Jiyoung, a 3rd-year middle school student hailing from Gangweondo, out in the west side of Korea. 

Why, do you ask, does Little Miss Shin deserve this great honor? Well, it's pretty simple -- her effort and attitude, which is all channeled through her awesomely cute outfit. 

  1. She (and her buds) came in all the way from the West Coast to do the Seoul Fashion Week thing at likely great psycic and fiscal cost as a middle schooler. 
  2. Even as many paepi older than her shy away from self-classifying with that term lest they be thought of ass arrogant or insufficiently humble, Jiyoung and her buds eagerly embrace the term and concept. As true "fashion people" (hence, pae-pi in Korean) who are obsessed with clothing and clothing culture, she certainly fits the bill, even if others might want to cast aspersions.
  3. Her concept, despite what my older Instagram caption says, is that of a "country girl" (which she technically is), unironically and straightforwardly argued through her old-fashioned, lace-encrusted Peter Pan collar, gaudy color choices, and outlandishly bright and ferociously feminine bag from Japan. She just loves it all. And her look. And it takes major gonads to walk around Fashion Week in an outfit no older, more mature and established paepi type would ever take seriously. She took a real risk. She's brave. She felt her fashion enough to possibly get snickered at. And she's in middle school. Now, that's true grit right there. 

And I just think she's a positive, smart young lady who makes me happy to know she exists and is out in her schhol with friends personifying the Revolution. It is from 3rd-year middle school kids such as Jiyoung that the change will come. This is where the true creativity lies, how great sartorial and aesthetic attention is gathered. And she did it with her clever and cute concept, some effort, and a whole lotta chutzpah. And I very much like to see that out there.

It was an honor and a pleasure to meet you, kid.  See you out there again soon!

Fashion Sociology: On Fetishized Femininity

While men still set the rules of a patriarchal power structure in Korean society, it is women who control and dominate the sartorial conversation as it has to do with gender rules, roles, and the nature in which they are performed. Women define the rules of fashion and beauty's semiotic grammar so completely that it is no surprise, at the sartorially serious, extreme end of the spectrum, to see prettified Korean men wearing makeup, feminine colors, and even in this case, white fishnet stockings, and it make a certain kind of sense here. He's not cross dressing, e.g. breaking cisgender role norms. He just looks in place here, i.e. very dressed up for fashion week.

Photographer: Michael Hurt

Photographer: Michael Hurt